“The moment I am in Tara’s presence or hear her voice over the phone a certain calm falls over me. I have experienced all types of healing modalities and know that Tara possesses something much deeper than learned techniques can provide, she has a gift. Her energetic touch has reversed the onset of migraines. She has an ability to uncover the root of an issue and gently help me acknowledge those truths so I may work though them and heal. Tara’s Angel Readings are a truly grounding experience. Whether in person or over the phone I feel as though I was in a circle of caring beings who know me, the true me. It is illuminating and reassuring to hear the messages she conveys. Never has anything ever rung so true and given me such a feeling of peace and freedom to pursue my dreams. The feeling of Tara’s presence and the gifts that she shares are impossible to put into words, they simply must be felt for yourself. I wish everyone could have the chance to experience her truly special talents.”

– Emily R., Santa Cruz, CA